(5) Five Liners Gift-wrapped **PRICE REDUCTION**

Reversible, Reusable, Disposable bra liner, absorbs FIVE times its weight in moisture:  100% natural & biodegradable, air-fluffed cotton & cellulose, 400 GSM (Grams/square/meter), soft, thin, discreet, sanitary, contoured pattern. May contain southern pine filament, made in the USA, utility patented

Convenience = Freshness

  • *Convenient: package for gym bag, suitcase, and office:
  • *Doctor recommended to prevent breast heat rash, yeast infection:
  • *May reduce hot flashes: keeps core body area cooler:
  • *May keep breast area cooler: 98.6 with liner vs. 99.9 without:
  • * * *Curved, discreet pattern doesn't show thru t-shirt* * *:
Disposable, absorbent, soft, thin, discreet
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