Girlease® Ultimate Bra Liner fits cup sizes from B - EE

Although the picture makes Girlease look very thin, it is very soft and fluffy, thus discreet.  When it warms up from your body temperature, it becomes even softer.  93% air-fluffed cotton / 400 Grams/Square/Meter

Each liner is reversible, reusable, then disposable when necessary:  Convenience = Freshness

One gift-wrapped package contains (5) Five liners -or- One tissue & bow-wrapped package contains (15) Fifteen liners

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Welcome to Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner 

Girlease, LLC invested four years of research and quality assurance to develop the 'ultimate' material and pattern.  Many testing Girlfriends found that the Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner actually kept them cooler, as the liner prevented "touchage." Tests showed the "curvage" temperature with the liner was normal, 98.6 degrees.  However, the "curvage" temperature withOUT the liner was unacceptable, 99.9 degrees. 

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner is so soft that you might forget that "she" is there. Our discriminating customers truly experience the 'ultimate' softness and comfort.  

Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner absorbs FIVE times its weight in moisture, because each Girlease Ultimate Bra Liner contains 400 grams per square meter of (93%) air-fluffed cotton and (7%) cellulose.

Girlease can be reversed, reused, then disposed of when necessary.  Based upon your personal hygiene requirements, temperature levels, and activity levels, you determine when to start fresh again.  Convenience = Freshness

Girlease is made from 100% natural, biodegradable, reusable, sustainable resources, made in the USA, and Patented #US7905763B1. 

                                    All natural cotton                          recycle,biodegradable                           Made in the USA 

If you have any questions, please call us:  619.417.6568

Coolest regards ! ! !

Nanette Frank

When the 'girls' need more than a cool breeze, you can trust . . . Girlease.